Doug Rollins

Having worked with Doug both as a tutor and as a director, I can confidently say he is fantastic to work with. With his knowledge and experience as a foundation, his friendly, positive and flexible approach creates a great atmosphere both on set as in a classroom setting. The final results of his work are an accurate representation of his vision and passion for what he does. I am excited to see what he will do next and hope we get to work together again in the future!


Doug’s vast experience on both sides of the lens and his ability to collaborate with a wide range of individuals and organisations make him an inspirational director with an infectiously positive attitude who brings out the best of everyone in any project he undertakes.

Film Direction

When I am involved with a project you can expect the highest standards of production, creative input, teamwork, and leadership. Bringing any story to life, whether it’s for a small scale showreel or a high-end feature length film you are in safe hands

Doug has directed many award-winning films such as Now Retired (writer and director) and The Double Deal, recent winner of the best short film at the San Diego black film festival. He is also writer and director for The Crime, a complex psychological TV pilot episode about a police interrogation for child abuse. Doug recently completed the screenplay for his first feature film, the ScFi thriller ANTHIA, which is currently in development.  See his credits on IMDb here. Years of shooting drama school assessment films makes Doug an expert in tightly scheduled low budget shoots with high production values.

  • Doug directed my international award winning short film, “The Double Deal”, which can be viewed on YouTube and has currently been viewed over 4,000 times. Doug is innovative, professional and has great insight.

    Mark Holden

  • I worked with Doug when he was the director and DOP of a short film I had written and was in. He was so easy to work with, the perfect balance of listening to what I wanted to achieve and bringing his own creative input. All of the shots from the film were absolutely beautiful, wonderful camera quality, framing and operation. The majority of my show reel is made up of footage shot by Doug, as it looks so professional and his style is very current and subtle. I would fully recommend Doug for films and show reel material, for the great experience working with him and the flawlessly professional end result!  

    2nd Year Student

    International School of Screen Acting
  • I’ve worked with Doug Rollins on many shorts since 2017, both as an AD on his shoots and with him directing shorts that I have written/produced. He is unfailingly professional and organised, and always able to get the best out of any crew he’s worked with. His enthusiasm for film makes him a pleasure to work with, and he’s been an inspiration in getting my horror shoots on the screen.

    Nina Romain

  • I have had the pleasure to know Doug Rollins for over twenty years. Doug is an inspiring, hugely talented director and writer who understands his actors in the most instinctive way. Always encouraging, forever positive and employing his marvellous sense of humour throughout to make for a relaxed and hugely enjoyable rehearsal, or film studio time. He is immensely loyal, never fails to attend performances in which he has no involvement and his comments are always hugely helpful and gratefully received.

    Gill Sutherland



I love to teach. I feel honoured to be able to pass on the knowledge I have attained and because my journey was so exciting, I want yours to be too. Whether it’s screen acting, filmmaking classes or workshops, I can provide the crucial knowledge that will change your viewpoint forever.” 

Doug is currently a visiting project director at the International School of Screen Acting in London  and a visiting screen tutor and director for Cygnet Theatre training in Exeter, where he brings his passion, energy, and enormous industry experience from both sides of the lens, to the training of emerging actors. He is also a filmmaking/ screen acting tutor at City Lit in London which specialises in bringing these skills to students of all ages and abilities.


Doug also offers bespoke workshops specifically for screen directors, along with various acting for screen and commercials workshops. He has run these for the Actors’ Company (London) and the Actors’ Centre among others. 

  • Doug Rollins has run our TV and Film courses for four years now and I cannot commend him highly enough.

    Having been an actor himself, he knows what it is like to be on both sides of the camera and to be directed as well as to teach and direct, so that he can bring this experience to bear in his work.

    When he is teaching he is able to set up an atmosphere of creativity and ease, which enables students to fulfil their best potential. 

    Rosalind Williams

    Principle of Cygnet Theatre
  • Doug is so professional , and so fun to work with, really gets the best out of everyone on set. An absolute joy! It’s a pleasure to be able to work with Doug because he’s inspirational, and his energy and enthusiasm are infectious.  His eye for detail is exceptional, and he is professional at all times.  He is very creative, kind, and patient, and a great teacher.  It is clear he has honed and loves his craft, and I look forward to working with him for years to come.   

    Ross James

    Film Maker/Actor
  • Doug’s workshop was a godsend. He’s an immensely generous and supportive tutor. Obviously we all want to be “in the room” again, but the zoom session works particularly well for a screen acting class.


  • It was my first time actually participating in any Actor Company workshop even though I have registered for a few years now. I’m quite glad I took the plunge.

    Doug’s workshop was very insightful and gave a lot of nuggets for screen acting. 



Doug is an absolute pleasure to work with, a fantastic director and an expert of his craft. All of the shoots I’ve worked with Doug on have been some of the smoothest and efficiently ran. All the footage I have from working with Doug has been used in my show reel and I would strongly recommend him to others in the industry.


Doug has always believed that anyone who works with him, whether they are a student or a seasoned professional, should work in an environment which promotes collaboration and the highest achievable production values. This has led to many individuals asking him to devise scenes for their showreels. Scenes always need to look and sound like extracts from larger productions. Because Doug has his own equipment and is an experienced camera operator, he is able to shoot with a minimal crew and at maximum speed. Having written many of his own screenplays as well as writing scenes for his students, Doug is well-placed to be able to write, advise or assist with script preparation.