Doug Rollins

Doug is a film & TV director and specialist screen acting tutor who has directed more than a dozen high end and award winning films; as well as shooting hundreds of student projects and showreels as a one-man DP/director; and offered workshops for both actors and screen directors in many drama training centres. 

Doug’s professional training began with a 3 year acting course at The Welsh College of Music and Drama, where he won the acting award in the first year and again in year three for his performance as Proctor in The Crucible.  His first professional engagement came in 1988, in rep at the Liverpool Playhouse. A successful 23-year career followed in which he was the featured character in 56 cinema and TV commercials along with major appearances in TV productions, including Love Hurts, The Bill, Holby City, Casualty, Eastenders, The Knock, Occupation and the cult series Torchwood in which he played the alien sleeper, David.

Doug’s vast experience on both sides of the lens and his ability to collaborate with a wide range of individuals and organisations make him an inspirational director with an infectiously positive attitude who brings out the best of everyone in any project he undertakes.